Artwork / Logo Application

Artwork / Logo Application


With a team of talented designers to create your brand you can rely on us to fulfil your design expectations. Our digitizing team will reproduce a stitch file of your logo and will be stitched out for a quality check and for customer approval.



We will require artwork to be supplied as Eps, Pdf or hi Res Jpg files.

Logo set up for embroidery for a first time order is £20.00 (This is a one off payment for setting up your logo for that size, it is saved on file for future orders placed).



We require artwork to be supplied as Eps, Pdf or hi Res Jpg files.

The better quality artwork you provide us with the better finish on the garments.

Logo set up for print for a first time order is £15.00 (This is a one off payment for setting up your logo, it is saved on file for future orders placed).


Not sure on which is best for you?

Send us your logo and our design team can recommend the best type of branding (Embroidery or print) which can be applied to your garment.


Application Method Explained

Personalised clothing can transform a group of individuals into a team. With our in house design team we will ensure that your logo is reproduced and even enhanced before embroidery or print begins, to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

With more than 25 years of experience designing and embroidering logos large and small, let us brand your garments to the highest possible standard with our state-of-the-art machinery, GMG Logos have your name on it.


Choosing the right Application

Our embroidery and printing machinery will bring your logo to life on any garment you choose, however factors can affect which method is applicable, such as;

  • The material of your garment
  • The positioning of your logo



Embroidered garments are perfect for a number of purposes, when adding a logo to your garment by embroidery we must secure the logo area on the garment by placing the frame on top and using protective backing fabric to ensure the quality of the artwork whilst the machine is stitching. Sometimes, this process may leave a mark on the garment but is nothing that can’t be easily rubbed or washed off.

Embroidery is a popular method of branding it has a vast range of benefits, the most popular of which being used by employers to give their workforce a strong identity and help to promote their brand, whilst being eye-catching and long lasting. It has a large range of colours to choose from whilst providing the ultimate professional finish of your logo on your garment.

In terms of suitability, embroidery tends to work best on polo shirts, business shirts/blouses, aprons/tabards, jackets & headwear. Light material based clothing would be better printed.



There are several methods of garment printing which include Vinyl transfer, and Screen Printing. Screen Printing may be used for larger quantity orders. We will choose the best printing method based on your artwork and the garment you have chosen.

Printing is durable and it can create unique and complex designs using a range of different colours, we use the highest quality of machines to create the highest quality print.

Screen Printing:

Screen printing uses multi-coloured inks to recreate your logo, which are then applied to the garment through mesh screens. Once we have received your logo, it is then separated into different colours for each screen, after each screen the garment will be put under a heat lamp then once each colour screen has been applied the garment will go through a drying process. This process is great for a range of different garments from t-shirts to hoodies, this type of logo application works great for big back designs where large amounts of garments are using the same logo. *Order quantity applies*


Vinyl transfer:

A sheet of vinyl is carefully cut into the specific shape of your logo or design, the remaining design is then flipped and finally heat sealed onto the garment using a heat press.

Vinyl transfer is great for less complex designs, This process works well for relatively low quantity orders. Vinyl transfer is suitable for the majority of garments (apart from fleece and wool) we highly recommend this process for Hi-Vis garments.


Suitability for the Garment:

T-shirts: The most popular choice for T-shirts is printing. Embroidery is possible on T-shirts but only on thicker materials. In all honesty, we prefer not to embroider T-shirts as they can easily become clumpy around the stitches.

Polo Shirts: Polo Shirts can be both embroidered and printed but embroidery does look that bit more professional.

Hoodies: Hoodies can be printed or embroidered but we usually find hoodies have large logos on the back meaning print is the most popular choice for hoodie personalisation.

Caps & Beanie Hats: We offer a range of caps and hats which are suitable for embroidery. You find Caps & Hats have a smaller area for personalisation.

Jackets: Suitable for Embroidery, some jackets such as softshells are printable. Also, keep in mind that some waterproof jackets are only suitable for print as the stitching can comprise the waterproof material.

Shirts: We would recommend embroidery for the extra professional look. We find shirts are used more by our corporate clients who prefer an embroidered finish.

Sweatshirts: Can be printed or embroidered but we personally think embroidered sweatshirts look smarter.


Any issues that we see we will always speak to you beforehand to best advise you.

Hopefully, this was informative and has given you some insight on how branded clothing can help your business.